February 26, 2013

About Us

Lead Dog Marketing Consultants was founded to address the growing need of clients for results-based marketing. From our very beginnings, we realized that marketing was evolving. Marketing automation platforms were in their infancy and qualifying the return on marketing investment was a dream. It was serving this need that made us different, or better put, allowed us to "Have a different view."

We believe marketing is quantifiable. You tell us your goals and objectives, and we’ll show you mathematically (yes, we said mathematically) how we can achieve those objectives.

We believe you shouldn’t waste your budgets on overhead. At Lead Dog, we try to keep our overhead as minimal as possible, saving you from high hourly rates. We provide a detailed proposal at the beginning, we keep you abreast of costs throughout the project and we bill from our proposal. No surprises! We don't grow your marketing budget, we grow your business.

We work for you. We’re not in this to win awards (although we have won plenty). We’re in this to make your life easier and help your organization meet the objectives set forth. We don’t consider ourselves to be successful unless you are successful.

To learn more about how Lead Dog can help improve your organization’s marketing effectiveness, please contact us today.

Erwin R. Grigorian

Lead Dog Marketing Consultants, Erwin Grigorian

Erwin is a dynamic, creative and forward-thinking marketer leveraging almost 25 years of experience in solving complex marketing challenges for B2B and B2C global brands. By developing and executing clearly-defined strategies and tactics, he has delivered astonishing returns on marketing investments (ROI) repeatedly. These innovative marketing campaigns helped strengthen brand recognition and equity, delivered superior ROI, and aided in capturing new market share.

Erwin is a graduate of The University of Alabama, with a BA in Communications. He enjoys spending time with his wife, two kids and beagle, volunteering at church, and is an avid sports fan, especially Alabama football. Roll Tide!